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We Offer

Additional service <br/>for the audience

Additional service for the audienc

Interaction with viewers via smartphone

Interaction with viewers via smartphone

Interaction with viewers via smartphone

Increased interest in streaming service's content

New source of audience attraction

New source
of audience attraction

How ViewEvo Works

How ViewEvo Works
  1. The app works in parallel with the video stream, providing an interactive function on the embedded web page.
  2. Integration into the video player is performed through smartTV, desktop or a separate app.
  3. ViewEvo automatically processes the video stream and provides the user with info about the products that are currently on screen.
  4. We detect clothing instead of comparing online images.
  5. We do not simply search - we help to make a purchase by connecting the consumer, the showcase and the store.

Business Model
for Collaboration

Business Model<br/> for Collaboration

A streaming service promotes ViewEvo's app and participates in the distribution of the commission received from online stores for the site visits (clicks) made by the app's audience while watching video content.

The terms of cooperation are determined individually during partner negotiations.

How to Start

How to Start

To connect to our platform, we provide API for embedding ViewEvo technology into the streaming service, and then we coordinate the sequence of actions for content markup.

Connect to the platform

If you want to use our solution to develop your business in your own app, website, etc., then check out the information for distributors.