ViewEvo Technology

The technological solution consists of several modules that can be combined to obtain various tools.

Content detection by sound

Content detection by sound and synchronization of the videoframe being viewed with markup in the database.

In a few seconds, the module detects which videoframe the viewer has on screen using sound, and automatic markup finds the most suitable product option in the database and shows it to the user. The system can be scaled and image recognition can be added to any live TV channel, streaming service.

Search for similar products in real-time

Search for similar products in real-time

Automatic content markup module detects products within frames from a video stream, and, with minimum delay, provides real-time info on where to buy a similar product. The artificial intelligence of the module is constantly self-learning and improving the content detection algorithm.

Software for working with manual content markup

Software for working with manual content markup

The software works with different types of content. It is possible to download and markup both a video blog, as well as images from a social network. The frame can be marked up in manual or automatic mode (selection of products based on the result of neural network detection). In addition to information about the product, the user can upload other related information specified by the system administrator.

technology.Мобильное приложение ViewEvo для распознования

ViewEvo mobile app for detection and search for products in online stores

The mobile app searches for products in real-time similar to the one that the algorithm detected on the frame uploaded by a user. It can be a dress on a character in a TV show, a stylish outfit of a blogger in a YouTube video that can be viewed in the app, or an social nets post with the fashion news of the season. Artificial intelligence detects suits and suggests similar products in online stores. The app provides product filters, coupons and personal offers. ViewEvo will not search for pictures on the Internet, but will immediately show you where to buy similar products.