Out-of-the-box solution for detecting and finding products on images or videos

Real-time image
and video search
Instant product
Similar product search
among online stores
ViEVO - <br>an app for emotional shopping.

Google is for words,
ViewEvo - for your eyes.

an app for emotional shopping.

ViewEvo Technological

ViewEvo Technological Advantages ViewEvo Technological Advantages


A few seconds are enough to identify the content that a user is watching and synchronize it with the data on the server.


Automatic markup detects video frames with products directly from the video stream and suggests in real-time where to buy a similar product.


Any content can be uploaded and marked up. It can be a video blog or a photo from a social network. Can be added to content, products and services.


The mobile app allows the user to find a product similar, to the one he sees in front of him in real-time.

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